Zimkids Outreach to U.S. School

Part of our mission is to open the minds of our orphans to the wider world, and we’re anxious to do the same for their American counterparts. So each Fall, Tinashe Basa, our director, and Dennis Gaboury, our founder, visit schools across the United States, from Fairbanks, Alaska to Dallas, Texas and from New York to San Francisco. We introduce American kids to Zimbabwe, its culture and our children, and we follow up with a Skype video conference so the children can meet “in person” and ask questions. We encourage pen pal relationships.

Partnering with the in-depth social responsibility programs now part of the programs of many U.S. schools, we teach American kids the joys of giving and our Zimbabwean orphans the importance of gratitude.

Take a peek at what we do by listening in on the conversations between the Zimbabwean children and students at the Ross School, East Hampton, New York:

If you’re interested in creating such a relationship between your school/and Zimkids, contact Dennis Gaboury at dennis@zimkids.com

We will be glad to provide you with contacts at schools that have hosted us so that you can understand the often profound changes we bring to their students’ perception of the world.

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