From Zimkids Beneficiary to Tech Tutor: The Inspiring Journey of Qinisela

Meet Qinisela, an exceptional individual who joined Zimkids in 2014 at the age of 12. Qinisela has been a valuable member of the Zimkids community since he became a part of it. His skills and expertise have made him a respected tutor and mentor for the children.

In 2021, Qinisela received a diploma in Computer Engineering, which has allowed him to become a valuable tutor for the basics of computer hardware and software. He provides the children with the knowledge and skills needed to use technology effectively. Moreover, Qinisela is also experienced in tutoring the basics and advanced stages of 2D animation. As a talented individual, he takes pride in managing and leading animation and content creation projects done by kids.

Qinisela’s dedication to teaching and leading makes him an exceptional asset to the Zimkids team. His skills extend beyond computer engineering and animation, as he is also a natural leader. Qinisela takes pride in managing and leading various projects in the Zimkids community.

Qinisela’s passion for teaching and his commitment to the Zimkids community is truly remarkable. He takes pride in sharing his knowledge with the children and helping them develop valuable skills that they can use in the future. His exceptional skills and dedication to teaching make him an exceptional asset to the Zimkids team. We are proud to have Qinisela as a part of the Zimkids community, and we look forward to seeing his impact on the community grow even more.

Qinesela (right) Given Sibonginkosi

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